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Small specialty coffee roasters and importers face numerous challenges in the process of sourcing high quality coffee. In the midst of running a business, it is difficult to allocate time and finances to sourcing the best coffee.

Nevertheless, we now have a solution for you. Located in Kenya, home to some of the best coffees in the world; and with the cupping expertise required, we get you the specific coffee you are looking for while matching your profile requirements.

Below, find our selection of the various coffees that may be a great choice for you depending on your needs and markets:

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These coffees, with cupping scores of 86+ are selected with absolute precision and love to deliver rare and unique cup characteristics that will surely impress.

 The hand picking and hand sorting, sun drying and processing ensures that the resulting cup is extraordinarily well balanced in body, acidity, intense flavour, and pleasant aroma with notes of blackcurrant, honey, caramel and chocolate.

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Aware of the different market needs and segmentation, we work with importers looking for commercial grade coffee with cupping scores of 80+, which are usually roasted and packed in large plants, under nationally advertised brand names.

Our commercial coffee grades are carefully selected to meet the specific profile needs of our buyers thus ensuring consumers enjoy consistency in the cup.

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Coffee baristas, cup tasters, roasters, and brewers are always looking for unique coffees for the various national and international coffee championships including the famous World Barista Championship.

Aware of this need, we work with Q-graders from our buyers to experiment on and develop signature coffees processed under their instructions.

 Be it washed, natural, pulped natural, semi-washed, or honey processed, we will work with you to ensure we give you an extraordinarily unique coffee  for such events.

Buy Direct

Kenya has two coffee marketing systems in Kenya; The Auction System and Direct Sale also known as Second Window.

The Direct Sale, commonly referred to as “Second Window” requires that a buyer identifies a producer/farmer and directly negotiates with the producer/farmer via a licensed Agent where they come up with a duly signed and bidding sales contract, which is registered with the Coffee Directorate. 

The Directorate ratifies the contract after carrying out an inspection and analyzing the coffee for quality and value as per the contract. If you are an importer or a roaster interested in building direct relationships with our producers/farmers, please contact us and we will guide you through this whole process.

Buy From the Auction

Kenya has two coffee marketing systems in Kenya; The Auction System and Direct Sale also known as Second Window.

About 90% of Kenyan Coffee is traded through a competitive bidding system (both manual and online) managed by the Nairobi Coffee Exchange.

This time tested central auction system has coffee auctions conducted every Tuesday of the week throughout the year.  This is a market where coffee is bought by licensed coffee agents through competitive bidding. If you would like to buy coffee from the auction, we are at your disposal to make sure that you access the best coffee in the market at the most competitive rates.

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