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Crowd Farm Africa Limited is an agricultural advisory and soft commodities sourcing and trading company headquartered in Kenya that seeks to increase productivity among African farmers and connect them to international markets while meeting critical compliance requirements.

Our main focus is on green coffee, tea, macadamia nuts. Sometimes depending on demand and availability, we also deal with fresh tropical fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices from Kenya and other African countries.

To sustain our complex sourcing efficiency, we diligently work with a wide network of farmers and producer groups to ensure that they increase their production, comply with international regulations and standards while remaining socio-economically sustainable.

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Our Story

As Africans and offsprings of peasant farmers, – born and bred off their sweat, soil and toil; we have always questioned the inequalities in the global trade of the commodities our communities labor so hard to produce.

As a result, our company is built around the ideology of bringing economic liberation to African farmers through a fairer trade system that puts the African farmer at the heart and centre of this global system.

To respond to this challenge, we created Crowd Farm Africa, a business and a global movement of like-minded, passionate and charismatic individuals who believe in shared prosperity and dignity for all players in a complex global supply chain, primarily focusing on the producers.

Value Proposition

We seek to bring socio-economic liberation and prosperity to smallholder farmers in Africa by creating and sustaining an efficient, transparent, innovative and competitive supply chain that thrives on the philosophy of shared prosperity.

Our Mission

To bring economic liberation to African smallholder farmers by creating global partnerships and synergies with people and organizations that believe in shared prosperity.
This will be achieved by increasing productivity and improving on quality while accessing and penetrating global markets via mutually beneficial partnerships.

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